“Hamide*” is a design brand aiming to enhance people’s everyday lives through limited edition inspirational collections on personal, home, and stationery goods. Hamide came to life with the aim of honoring designer and tailor Hamide Yanç Özçetin, mother of the founders Şeyda and Seda, who has created inspiring, functional, and innovative designs but never had the recognition and appreciation she deserved. Unfortunately, Hamide was diagnosed with CBGD illness (an atypical Parkinson’s disease) in 2007 and had to quit the profession she loved. She passed away on the 25th of February 2013.

Hamide´s struggle with CBGD since 2007 has not been easy either for her or for us. It has been extremely difficult for such a creative and productive person not to be able to do anything. It has also been very difficult for her daughters to see her in such condition. This is how Şeyda came up with the idea to create the brand “Hamide”. She wanted Hamide to finally get the recognition she deserved and have more to hold onto in her struggle with CBGD.

Thus, the brand “Hamide” gets its essence from Hamide´s design approach which is based on creating beauty without sacrificing from usability, simplicity, honesty, and sustainability. Her highly crafted work was characterized with geometrical forms, unconventional decisions, making sense of leftovers, and reuse of products. Exploring her legacy, with the brand “Hamide” we aim to create various collections that combine beauty with function to be used in everyday life ranging from clothing to accessories, and from home textiles to stationery goods. Our collections will mostly be handmade and in limited edition for now. We also aim to position “Hamide” as a platform that supports undiscovered local craftsmen, craftswomen, designers, and artists by collaborating with them through our collections.

*Hamide is an Arabic originated Turkish proper noun for females which means “worth to be praised” or “thankful person”.

You can learn more about us, our collections, and retailers via our website http://hamide.co/

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Contact: seda@hamide.co