H for Hamide: Mix It Up 1

H for Hamide: Mix It Up 1

150 DKK
Designer: Maja Østergaard Nielsen

Collection: "H for Hamide" explores what Hamide means to us and to you through the interpretation of two upcoming designers Zine Yolal and Maja Østergaard Nielsen alongside Hamide.

"I was invited by the daughters of Hamide to interpret their values with inspiration in their designs and stories about their mother and honorary co-founder Hamide Yanç Özçetin.  In the many stories and design values I found a big openness and room for differences which I wanted to translate through my own visual language. The H thereby formed a space for me to represent difference and at the same time connection through the means of textural surfaces in different spaces. " says Maja Østergaard Nielsen.

Material: 250 gr mat paper, printed in 2017 in Germany

Size: A4 

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