H for Hamide: Patchwork 1

H for Hamide: Patchwork 1

350 DKK
Designer: Seda Özçetin / Hamide

Collection: "H for Hamide" explores what Hamide means to us and to you through the interpretation of two upcoming designers Zine Yolal and Maja Østergaard Nielsen alongside Hamide.

Patchwork 1: "My mom Hamide would finish her each project by going through its leftover fabrics. She would cut the ones big enough into “baklava” shapes while the others would be cut into threads to be used as yarn. We had piles of these leftovers, which I found a bit frustrating as a kid because they would take over the already not existing personal space in our very small apartment. Yet, I would love to go through them with her, when she once in a while opened them to create a patchwork. It was not only a trip down our personal memory lane but also textile design’s. I loved how she combined them together addressing the diversity they held creating a harmony with touches of absurdity. With this work, I aimed to remember this memory and her unique nature that welcomes and enjoys diversity. The repetitive forms as well as the color scheme are thought as a reference to her eastern background, the ceramic tiles in mosques which she adored." says Seda  Özçetin.

Material: 250 gr mat paper, printed in Germany 2017

Size: A2 (42 * 59,4 cm)

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