Lubos Soukup Ensemble - Through the Mirror

Lubos Soukup Ensemble - Through the Mirror

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“At his second album Luboš Soukup has joined the sound of his “scandinavian” jazz quartet with a 6-piece horns and woodwind section and a string quartet. He recorded a set of his own compositions of a very high quality both in composition and arrangement, interlinked by themes and moods, at the border between jazz and contemporary music.” (Source: Animal Music)

Luboš Soukup – tenor & soprano saxophone, clarinet
Christian Pabst – piano
Joel Illerhag – acoustic bass
Morten Haesum – drums

Gerard Presencer – trumpet
Mads la Cour – trumpet, flugelhorn
Nicolai Schultz – flute, piccolo
Anders Banke – bassclarinet
Petter Severin Hangsel – trombone
André Jensen – tuba, bass-trombone

Epoque Quartet
David Pokorný – 1st violin
Vladimír Klánský – 2nd violin
Vladimír Kroupa – viola
Vít Petrášek – cello

Recorded by Bjørn Gjessing, The Village, Vanløse/DK; Michal Vaniš and Pavel Karlík, Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ
Mixed by August Wanngren, We Know Music Studios, Islands Brygge, Kodaň/DK
Mastered by Thomas Eberger, Stockholm Mastering, Stockholm/SE

Released in 2013, Animal Music