Objects of Affection: Gloves

Objects of Affection: Gloves

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Inspiration: Objects are powerful. They produce culture. They create or transform our behaviors. We explore our history through them. They help us understand who we were, who we are, and who we may become. They stimulate our feelings. They bring out memories. They make us happy, unhappy, confident, insecure, safe, comfortable. Creating an object is a journey. It is a learning. It is an experience which transforms us. We appreciate objects. An object is a design and we appreciate design. In the collection “Objects of Affection” we explore and present some of the objects we hold dear to ourselves for their design and stories.

Description: “Objects of Affection: Gloves” is an illustration of a pair of hand-knit gloves that Şeyda bought on the street in Istanbul Turkey from a woman who sits and knits on the street in winter. She is selling them for such low prices that it is almost like she is giving them away. Şeyda was amazed by the craftsmanship, pattern, and color combination. At the time she thought “wow, it can’t get more local than this”.

Concept & Art Direction: Hamide, 2017  

Illustrated by Maja Østergaard, 2017.

Material: 250 gr mat poster paper

Size: A4 (21 * 29,7 cm)

Printed in Germany.