Print_She is an Eastern Bird 2

Print_She is an Eastern Bird 2

150 DKK75 DKK
Designer: Şeyda Özçetin

Inspiration: The print is the digital replica of the original art work designed and made by Şeyda Özçetin for the exhibition "Jonas` Julekort" 2014 (http://jonasjulekort.dk/information/

The exhibition is held every December and presents works of hundreds of designers and artists in an anonymous way. Each work is being sold for 500 DKK. The buyers do not know which artists´ work they purchased. The names of the artists are published after the exhibition is over.  The money is donated to different charities every year. In 2014 it was donated to Reden (http://redenkoebenhavn.dk/), which is an organization supporting women who are abused sexually. 

The project is inspired by the yearly exhibition RCA, taking place in London. Fredrick Bille Brahe, Jonas Trampedach, Mads Nørgaard are behind Jonas´ Julekort project. 

 This print is also part of the collection "She is an eastern bird"  which has been designed for Hamide Yanç Özçetin's birthday and also for the 1st anniversary of her passing away. We call this period, stretching from 20th of February til the 4th of March, Hamide Days. So, in other words it was designed for Hamide Days. You can read more about the collection here: http://hamide.co/collection/she-is-an-eastern-bird/

Description: The poster is a digital replica of the artwork designed and made by Şeyda Özçetin for Jonas Julekort 2014 exhibition.  

Signed and dated

Material: 250 gr mat paper, printed in 2015 in Germany

Size: A4

Frames: All frames are produced in Europe by Virtus Design. Please choose between Aluminium Black, Aluminium White, Oak Frame, Oak Frame in Black and Oak Frame in White through this link: http://hamide.tictail.com/product/a4-frame