Print_This is København 2

Print_This is København 2

350 DKK250 DKK
Designer: Şeyda Özçetin, Seda Özçetin

Inspiration: Soul of City_Copenhagen” is a  collection about our perception of Copenhagen and its culture. It aims to present the patterns we observe, the elements we find unique, and the keywords we associate with Copenhagen. 

Description: This poster focuses on defining Copenhagen through concepts unique to Copenhagen. Each letter that makes the word “København” is used vertically for a location that is significant in daily life in Copenhagen. It is aimed to illustrate how enriched Copenhagen is. 

Unlimited edition, signed and dated by the designers.

Material: 250 gr mat paper

Size: A2

Frames: All frames are produced in Europe by Virtus Design. Please choose between Aluminium Black, Aluminium White, Oak Frame, Oak Frame in Black and Oak Frame in White through this link: http://hamide.tictail.com/product/a2-frame