Print_Lyran #1

Print_Lyran #1

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Designer: Şeyda Özçetin, Seda Özçetin

Inspiration:  “Lyran”, a concept co-created by musician Lloyd Degler and Hamide Design Studio, is a series of acoustic nights at the Music Pavilion in Lund City Park. The concert series takes its name from the lyr on top of the Music Pavilion, which was built for the industrial exhibition in 1907 to house the orchestra. As Hamide Design Studio, we are behind the visual and experience design of Lyran. The visual identity makes a direct reference to the venue.

Description: This print is designed for the first Lyran event in Lund Sweden. It features a minimal illustration of the venue, the music pavilion in Lund City Park built in 1907, on a background pattterned by the logotype of the Lyran concert series.

Material: 175 gr mat paper

Size: A2