This is Copenhagen 1 Postcard

This is Copenhagen 1 Postcard

30 DKK

Designer: Seda Özçetin, Şeyda Özçetin

Inspiration: Soul of City is a collection about our perception of cities, countries and their culture. It aims to present the patterns we observe, the elements we find unique, and the keywords we associate with urban environments. The collection is unique with its humorous, smart, and modern approach.

Description: This postcard defines Copenhagen through concepts unique to and significant about Copenhagen, its culture, and its lifestyle. Each letter that makes the word “Copenhagen” is used vertically for a concept. The keywords chosen show a diverse character and are bicycle, open sandwiches, parks, beer, winter bathing, white nights, architecture, lgbt, design, windmills.

Material: 300 gr paper, printed digitally in Germany

Size: A6

Quantity: 1 piece postcard, 1 piece Scandia envelope in ivory color