"This is Nørrebro" T Shirt

"This is Nørrebro" T Shirt

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This tshirt defines Nørrebro district in Copenhagen through keywords unique to Nørrebro. Each letter that makes the word “Nørrebro” is used vertically for a concept that best portrays Nørrebro’s culture. We selected keywords among many that best describes Nørrebro: mangfoldighed, døgnåben, shawarma, kreativ, rummelighed, bodega, 48 timers festival, autonom. The tshirt was designed for the 48 Timers Festival, which takes place in Nørrebro every year in 2017 spring. The design was chosen as one of the finalists for its ability to portray Nørrebro and its culture.

Material:  100 % cotton

Made in Bangladesh

Size: S, M, L, and XL. We have only 8 pieces of this tshirt.


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